Seminar Series Testimonials

“The workshop provided more guidance for me in drafting patents. I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments. The class gave me a frame of reference for the work I had been doing prior to attending. It helped me to understand why you do the things you do when drafting a patent.”
Tim Ardizzone, Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P., Cincinnati, OH, June 2008 Workshop attendee

“[The Workshop] provided a good overview on how to write and prosecute applications, raising issues I had never considered before.”

“The hands-on approach and the applicability to the current workload in my practice is timely and very relative.”

“This great course filled in many gaps in my understanding of patent practice. I especially liked the review of Federal Circuit cases. This program was great!”
Michelle Craig

“Dynamic lecturers supported by good written materials.”
Gwendoline Bruneau

“Excellent material. Excellent presentation.”
George Bloor

“As always, course materials are great references for coursework and actual practice situations.”

“Very concise and well-laid out.”

“The text for [the] Workshop is well-written and will be very helpful as a reference for me.”
Leanne Steacy-Irwin

“Despite a long career in the USPTO, I truly learned a great deal.”
Clifford Crowder

“I appreciated the open discussion of various approaches and real life applicability. I also thought all of the instructors were fantastic.”

“Practical. Useful. Informative.”
Ruoying Chen

“Great course materials and content. As a rookie with no real experience, the examples and discussion ‘give life’ to the concepts and cases from the textbook. I now have a much better understanding of what were formerly abstract ideas sufficient to pass the Bar.”
June 2008 Workshop attendee

“There is factual case law and support for every theory and suggestion provided. This class had a very organized syllabus. The information presented was interesting and will be helpful during practical practice of patent law. I’ve learned valuable tools and tips for my patent law practice.”
July 2008 Workshop attendee