Patent Bar Review Testimonials

“The course instructor was extremely supportive & knowledgeable:  he explained difficult subject matter well, encouraged questions & discussion on topics, and used charts/graphs/time lines to illustrate concepts.”                          – September 2016 Classroom Attendee

“For me, PRG was a essential to mastering the use of the MPEP and the understanding of patent practice and procedure for passing the the patent bar.”  – November 2016 Exam Passer

“I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this course.  An ideal alternative for those who simply cannot take a week to attend the live course.  I feel that I will be adequately prepared for the Exam.  David Berry is an excellent instructor and really did a good job of explaining the content and keeping me engaged. ” – Summer Webinar 2016 Attendee

“I liked David’s knowledge of the material and his lucid explanations. Rather than getting bogged down in schematics, he explained difficult-to-grasp PCT and AIA concepts in simple terms, then blew through the timeline examples with ease, having clearly explained the basic frameworks from the get-go. I’ve learned a great deal about patent practice, generally, from this course!”             –  January 2016 Webinar Attendee

“PRG’s online Patent Bar Review course as well as the practice exams proved extremely valuable in my successful attempt to pass the USPTO Registration Exam.”  – Erich Baum, January 2015 Exam Passer

“I am happy to let you know that I passed the PTO registration exam a couple of days ago on my first try and I would not have achieved this without the help of Paul Gardner and the wonderful folks at PRG. I want to take this chance to sincerely thank you guys for PRG’s great Patent Bar Review Course.”  – Deric Geng, December 2014 Exam Passer

“I took the Patent Bar on September 25, 2014 and passed on my first try. I used the PRG resources almost exclusively and walked out of the exam knowing I had passed comfortably.” – Gregory S. Olsen, Esq., online attendee

“I passed the exam on the first attempt. The ExamWare software was an amazing study tool.”

“Lecturers were available, approachable, and answered questions very knowledgeably and completely.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues. When I was asking colleagues what they did to pass the patent bar, they all recommended this course. ”

“The presentation of subjects was excellent. It was easy to follow the progression of topics since basic, fundamental topics were discussed first with more complicated aspects of the regulations presented later. I had no previous experience with patent law and I found the lectures to be very useful to understand the basics of the rules and regulations. The instructors were also mindful that some students had not been exposed to legal training and would define legal terms.”