Patent Bar Review Program Features

Pass the Patent Bar Exam with PRG — your choice for exam success!

The PRG Guarantee

We’ll be there until you pass the exam!  We know that almost all of our attendees successfully pass their exam. However, be assured that if you attend the entire course and diligently apply yourself to practice exams, as we recommend, and for whatever reason do not pass your exam – all you have to do is provide us with a copy of your exam results and we’ll continue to provide you with updated materials and access to the online course and ExamWare® until you do pass the exam.  The PRG Guarantee was implemented in 2014 and retroactive to 2013 purchasers.  If you purchased prior to 2013 and are interested in updating your materials, please contact our office: 703-682-4860 or

The PRG Total Solution

We know that people learn different content in different ways. PRG therefore provides you with a total learning solution which you can decide how to use to prepare for your Patent Bar Exam.  Our Patent Bar Review Course is now available in three formats:  Live; Live Webinar; and On-Demand.

For our Live and On-Demand courses, you receive the following for one price:

  • 1 live classroom course attendance within 1 year of your date of purchase
  • 1 year of access to our:
    • On-Demand course which contains all of the same information as our live classroom course
    • Online patent bar exam prep software – ExamWare®
    • Social learning and crowdsourcing with the PRG Patent Bar Exam Prep Yammer group

You choose whether you want to attend the live class, view the on-demand training from the comfort of your own home, and interact socially online with your instructors and classmates, or all of the above.  The content for all formats can be found in the course syllabus.

Live Classroom Course

We offer a 5-day live classroom courses in major cities across the U.S. throughout each year. Live training provides the perfect environment for you to interact with our fabulous instructors and your fellow students as you learn what you need to know to pass the exam. Projected CLE Credit for the Live Classroom Course is: 36.0 (including 1.0 legal ethics). Current dates for the live course are listed in upcoming events. Live Classroom Course attendees also receive 1-year access to the On-Demand course and may elect to attend a live Webinar (held within 1 year of the date of original purchase) on a complimentary basis.

Webinar Course

PRG launched its first Patent Bar Review live webinar in October 2015 and we will offer 3 of these courses in 2017. The live Webinar is convenient and economical as there is no travel required, allowing you to attend from anywhere you have an internet connection. In addition, as the course is held two days a week, this allows you to spend time between each session reviewing and studying to internalize the information before the next session. Participation in the webinar also includes 1-year access to the On-Demand course. Projected CLE Credit for the Live Webinar is: 31.5 (does not include legal ethics).

On-demand Course

We offer an On-demand course, with all the same instruction as the live course, which you can access anytime from the comfort of your own home. Go at your own pace and repeat sections as often as you want. Use the on-demand training in conjunction with ExamWare® to review any areas where you need additional review.  Register now for the on-demand course only. If you wish to augment your studies with a Live Classroom course (held within 1 year of the date of your on-demand purchase), you may do so for an additional $500.00. On-Demand registrants may attend a live Webinar held within 1 year of the date of original purchase on a complimentary basis. Please contact our office at least 3 weeks prior to the Classroom or Webinar course to complete enrollment. CLE Credit is not available for the On-Demand course.

Regardless of which format you choose, you will receive:

  • In-depth analysis of approximately 100 questions throughout the course.
  • Updated course materials to reflect the latest exam changes
  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date level of preparation possible for both the exam and for your career.

Online Patent Exam Prep Software – ExamWare®

Practice exams are critical – we recommend you complete at least 10 using ExamWare® – but we feel these are more productively done on your own time.

Access ExamWare®, our highly-acclaimed online patent exam preparation software, anywhere at any time.

  • “Real-life” exam simulation with close to 2000 questions and an online version of the MPEP – it is the closest simulation to the real exam currently available.
  • ExamWare® also provides both a study mode and an exam simulation mode.
    • Study mode provides instant feedback about whether your answer is correct, which answer is correct, and rationales behind each correct answer and explanations of why the other answers are incorrect. Hyperlinks to the relevant patent statute, patent rules, and MPEP sections and subsections help familiarize you with the MPEP.
    • Exam mode provides you with 50 random questions to answer in 3-hours and then provides a graphical score analysis report to help you identify subject areas where you need to focus your studying to help you organize your preparation activities in the months leading up the exam.

Social Learning and Crowdsourcing

Stay connected with other PRG students by accepting our invitation to join our Yammer group. Social learning can help you get the benefit of others’ experiences, share your experiences, and support one another. Feel free to ask questions, share online resources, and upload/download study tools.

The PRG Difference

The USPTO stopped publicly publishing exams in 2003. They continue to update the exam with new questions. Also, exam-takers are now required to electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they will not share exam questions publicly. This has changed the exam prep process significantly. Unlike many other patent exam prep courses:

  • Who devote significant amounts of classroom time to practice exams – PRG feels practice exams are more productively done individually.
  • Who don’t include entire topics which you may be tested on in order to shorten the course – PRG feels you should be fully prepared on all topics. Many people fail the exam by just one or two questions. Why ignore entire sections of content when that can be the difference between passing and failing?
  • We have full-time staff focused on updating our course materials and ExamWare® software based on the latest information. Relying on inferior or outdated study materials based solely on old exam questions from prior to 2003 significantly increases your risk of failure.
  • We continually monitor USPTO announcements and notify you of substantive announcements and keep our materials up-to-date as you prepare for the exam, including continually adding new questions to our data bank of exam questions in ExamWare®.

USPTO Exam Updates:

The USPTO Registration Examination was last updated on December 16, 2016.  Please refer to the Source Materials document for information currently being tested upon in the USPTO Exam.

PRG materials are updated for the current Source Materials and exam changes beginning December 16, 2016.  In addition,  we recently completed an exhaustive review of the database of Questions & Answers included in ExamWare®, our online Patent Bar Prep software. Recent changes and additions to our course and material include:

    • David Berry of Brooks Kushman is the new lead faculty for PRG’s Patent Bar Prep Courses
    • Embedded in ExamWare® is the 9th Edition, Revision 07-2015 version of the MPEP
    • 100+ NEW AIA and PCT-related questions, written by Professor Berry have been added to ExamWare®
    • The Design Patent section was fully updated for the Hague Agreement information
    • Fully updated for AIA (America Invents Act) and PLTIA (Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012)