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The exam is very difficult. In 2016, the exam pass rate dipped to 47.7%. However, PRG conducted a survey of its Patent Bar Review Course purchasers, and we are proud to report an 89% pass rate!

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The USPTO Registration Examination was last updated on December 16, 2016, and PRG materials are updated for the Source Material upon which the current Exam is based. The USPTO recently announced the release of a revision to the MPEP: Ninth Edition, Revision 08.2017Please note that the USPTO is not yet testing on the revised version of the MPEP. The USPTO will release a statement announcing a date for a further update of the Exam to include material in the new MPEP revision and we will post that information. Our materials will be updated to reflect the latest changes when the USPTO announces the Exam change date.

In addition to keeping our course materials current to reflect information covered on the Exam, including focusing on post-AIA (America Invents Act) and PLTIA (Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act) practice, we recently completed an exhaustive review of the database of questions and explanations included in ExamWare®, our online Patent Bar Prep software. This ensures that each of the nearly 2,000 practice questions in ExamWare® are correct under current law and the detailed explanations are based on the current MPEP.

Other recent changes and additions to our course and material include:

  • David Berry of Brooks Kushman PC is the Academic Director for PRG, and the lead faculty for PRG’s Patent Bar Review Courses
  • Embedded in ExamWare® is the 9th Edition, Revision 07-2015 version of the MPEP (this will be updated as soon as the latest version of the MPEP (9th Edition, Revision 08-2017) is added to the Source Materials)
  • 100+ NEW AIA and PCT-related questions, written by Professor Berry, have been added to ExamWare®
  • The Design Patent materials have been fully updated for the Hague Agreement information

*The PRG Guarantee was implemented in 2014 and retroactive to 2013 purchasers.  If you purchased prior to 2013 and are interested in updating your materials, please contact our office: 703-682-4860 or