Institute for Paralegals Testimonials

“This was a wonderful course.  I wish I had taken it when I first started in trademarks.  It reinforced information I’ve already learned and was very helpful with expanding my understanding of the trademark world.”                        – Cassandra Urbany, July 2017 Trademark Fundamentals Attendee

“The presentation & example books are fantastic.  Excellent resources for future use.”     – August 2016 Patent Administration Attendee

“Great basic information that is good for an experienced IP paralegal and a beginner.  Plenty of time to ask questions.”  – August 2016 Patent Administration Attendee

“I liked the content, materials, schedule, instructor experience and knowledge.  I was impressed with all of the instructors. They communicated the subject simply, clearly, and were able to make the subject interesting.”            – March 2016 Patent Administration Attendee

“I feel much clearer on the complicated subject of patent admin.  I also feel more connected, engaged, and interested in my job as a result.  Totally worth it!” – March 2016 Patent Administration Attendee

“The presenters and presentations were excellent; I appreciated their grasp of the subject matter and willingness to help.”  – November 2015 Patent Administration Attendee

“This is probably the best course I have attended for PRG” – August 2015 Patent Administration Attendee

“This course was very informative and the lecturers were engaging and interesting.  They made a lot of the content easy to digest.” – May 2015 Patent Administration Attendee

“This course was extremely informative.  It was a great refresher course but also went more in depth about rules and why we file things a certain way.”        – November 2014 Patent Administration Attendee

“The speakers were very knowledgeable and their presentation of the material was excellent.  They kept us all interested and involved.”  – July 2014 Patent Administration Attendee