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Patent Administration: A Foundation for Success is a complete and thorough 4-day certificate program designed to provide patent administrators, secretaries, assistants and paralegals with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of patent law, as well as practical tips and advice that can be applied on a day-to-day basis to save time and ensure success.

We first introduced this program in 2010 in response to a lack of courses for patent support personnel and it has proven to be one of our most successful.  In response to attendee feedback, new features were added in 2016:

  • Content:  The program has been expanded to four days to dedicate one full day to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) practice and filing!  And, all sections are continuously updated to provide the latest information and developments in patent law.
  • Flexibility:  Attendees may attend the full, four-day program or, if you’ve attended this program in the past or are a more experienced patent support professional, you may choose to attend just days 2-4.
  • Pricing:  This program is one of our most economical considering the breadth of topics covered.  Early-Bird pricing for days 1-4 is only $995; and Early-Bird pricing to attend days 2-4 is only $795. After the Early-Bird registration period ends, the tuition to attend days 1-4 increases to $1295 and tuition for days 2-4 increases to $1095.

Summary of Topics Covered:

DAY 1:

Patent Law Essentials

  • Overview of the U.S. Patent System and USPTO Process
  • Parts of a Patent
  • Inventorship, Date of Invention and Patent Term
  • 35 U.S.C. Section 102:  Novelty and Loss of Right to a Patent, Date of Invention Concepts, Prior Art, Derivation
  • 35 U.S.C. Section 103: Obviousness/Nonobviousness
  • Continuing Applications
  • Provisional Applications
  • Maintenance Fees and Patent Term
  • Patent Term – Maintenance Fees, Patent Term Adjustment

DAYS 2 & 3:

Managing Patent Prosecution

  • Preparing and filing a patent application: Nonprovisional Utility; Plant and Design Patent Applications; The Provisional Patent Application
  • Prosecuting the Application:  PTO Deadlines; Corrections; Amendments; and the Appeal Process
  • Information Disclosure Statement: Filings to satisfy the Applicants Duty of Disclosure
  • Determining and Paying Fees: How to calculate and pay filing fees throughout the Application
  • Correcting an Issued Patent
  • Changing the Address of Record at the PTO
  • Assignment and Change of Assignment

DAY 4: 

An introduction to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) practice and filing.

  • Overview of the PCT System
  • Basics of the PCT
  • Filing an International Application in the USPTO as Receiving Office
  • Filling in the PCT Request Form
  • Correcting Defects for International Preliminary Examination
  • Amending the International Application
  • PCT Timeline
  • National Phase Entry in General
  • Entering the National State in the U.S.
  • PCT Resources

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