Kevin Laurence

Kevin_LaurenceKevin Laurence is a partner in the firm of Oblon Spivak and practices in their Chemical Patent Prosecution and Post-Grant Patent Proceedings groups.  Mr. Laurence has a broad range of experience with patent matters and fouses on adversarial post-grant patent proceedings at the USPTO.  He acts as lead counsel in reexaminations and is experienced with the issues involved in concurrent litigation. Intellectual Asset Magazine named Mr. Laurence one of the top eighteen practitioners in the country for post-grant proceedings.  Mr. Laurence has also routinely received recognition from other prominent rankings such as Best Lawyers in American and Chambers USA.

He has taught for the Patent Resources Group since 2009. He teaches the course titled Post-Grant Patent Practice: Review & Reexamination and co-authors the treatise provided in conjunction with the course. He also co-authors a monthly column for Intellectual Property Today on post-grant patent practice.



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Kevin Laurence
Oblon Spivak
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