Advanced Courses Testimonials


“This was the best advanced course that I have taken.   Experience cannot be substituted or faked.  Both Kevin and Matt clearly are on the front lines of post-grant actions.”

“Good practical examples and immediate relevance to my day-to-day practice.”

“Very knowledgeable lecturers giving very practical advice with very pertinent case cites supporting their advice.”

“All the speakers were passionate about the subject matter they presented; they all held my attention, and the workbooks were helpful.”

“The course materials and content are SUPERB. Lecturers did present at a good pace and did an excellent job at keeping the audience interested. Overall, the best patent course I have attended.”

“Both instructors had deep and relevant experience and were able to field any question.”

“Probably the BEST course I’ve taken! David was great and his personal experience in business was very valuable. Louis is a walking encyclopedia.”

“The course was very informative with good documentation. The instructors kept to the schedule and material. Instructors knew the material and had a lot of experience to draw from.”

“Each lecturer’s presentation, slide show and ‘purple books’ were all consistent throughout the course. I’ve taken a similar course offered by a competitor, and their materials and lecturers were disjointed – did not follow one another.”

“Excellent presentation of a lot of material. Well done.”

“Combination of topics chosen was excellent – I received the mix of information I was hoping for. All speakers were engaging and knowledgeable.”

“Material and slides are excellent; speakers also.”

“Materials were superb! Lecturers were knowledgeable, entertaining — nice to hear their experiences.”

“Good coverage of recent cases and how the cases fit with precedent. Very good practice tips.”

“Speakers were all engaging and interesting. Very knowledgeable. Overall, the best CLE I ever attended.”

“Incredible faculty – knowledgeable and engaging. I like the fact that the faculty says to do X and is clear on how we should do things. I am definitely coming back for this.”

“The course provided an excellent review of the case law on doctrine of equivalents and other infringement issues. The course book provides an excellent reference.”

“Another excellent course. I think I’ve taken five courses and they all have had excellent content.”

“Best materials I’ve seen from a seminar.”

“The instructors did a GREAT job of preparing the course materials and delivering their talks. I know where the details are, and when faced with a real-world situation, will know where to look and what to look for. That is true value. This was worthwhile.”

“The presenters were dynamic and fun to watch and listen to. They had numerous practical pointers which were helpful.”

“The course materials will be a valuable resource. Very good discussion of claim construction and §102.”

“Nice summary of relevant Federal Circuit cases in the areas. The course book was laid out well.”

“Good summary of inequitable conduct case law.”

“The lecturer’s energy and liveliness made a somewhat dry subject worth learning.”

“Good blend between basics (big picture/outlining), specifics and practice tips.”

“Lecturers were available, approachable, and answered questions very knowledgeably and completely.”

“Great overview – as someone who came in to this with essentially no interference experience (but lots of questions), I found the course extremely helpful.”

“Very good for attorneys who are new to drafting license agreements. Good basic information, explained clearly and thoroughly.”

“The 2.5 days permitted in-depth treatment of the subject. Great for beginners and experienced practitioners.”

“Very knowledgeable, competent lecturers. I liked the brief war stories.”

“Overall very good course. I would highly recommend it to practitioners.”

“Lecturers are in-tune with recent cases and knowledgeably discuss the cases; good survey of litigation aspects.”

“Very well organized; presenters were very clear. I was very impressed by the presentation of very recent case law.”

“The course did an excellent job balancing insightful comments about practice with underlying legal fundamentals. The course was a good foundation in all areas, without being simplistic.”

“Excellent organization and presentation materials; excellent responses to and analysis of questions from attendees.”

“The course materials were superb and the lecturers did a great job in adding to them.”

“This was one of the best courses I’ve attended, mainly because of the presenters. They were knowledgeable, lively, and did not simply reiterate what was on their slides.”

“Excellent overview of relevant law that included practical information for incorporation into practice.”

“A great overview of patent law. It struck a good balance of teaching the basics while keeping the discussion on a fairly sophisticated level.”

“Your course is to the point, well organized in content flow, and inclusive of important matter.”

“I have been involved in patent prosecution as an administrator for over 20 years and I still found this course extremely valuable … I feel I can make more of a contribution to my company’s successful prosecution of our patent applications because of what I will take away from this course.”

“Clear, keen, knowledgeable presentation of course outline with appropriate and illustrative examples.”

“Excellent in-depth knowledge of subject matter.”

“Simple enough to follow for an individual new to searches.”

“The course was search engine neutral; the presenters did a good job of teaching skills that could be applied using several different search engines.”

“The presentation gave an important insight into an underappreciated legal issue.”

“The subject matter usefully extended my IP knowledge into business areas.”

“Very detailed and informative.”