Don’t Just Practice Law. Perfect It.

Patent Resources Group (PRG) was founded in 1969 by Professor Irving Kayton. Since that time, PRG has been dedicated to providing patent professionals with the highest-caliber training. PRG is now part of CPA Global and our commitment to providing top-notch courses continues through our four primary programs:

PRG provides courses and publications in all aspects of patent practice, in both print and electronic formats, for professionals at all levels of experience. The company conducts patent training programs in major cities and destinations, over the Internet, and on-site at companies and law firms. Our customers are located on every continent.

One of the important characteristics of PRG is our exceptional faculty. Only the best patent attorneys, litigators and strategists teach for Patent Resources Group. In fact, we know of no other patent law training program that has a waiting list of highly accomplished would-be instructors. It is the primary reason why successful patent law practitioners return year after year to hone their skills and improve their practice. They know and appreciate that they are learning from the best. As a patent professional who values excellence in your own practice, we encourage you to make Patent Resources Group an important part of your career.